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MoveFast Media is a Louisville based production company focused on telling fast-paced, inspirational stories. We specialize in shooting high-energy films and gripping photographs for Crossfit athletes and gyms, GRID League and any other adventurous, thrill-seeking company that has a story to offer.

My name is Shaughn Tillman. I am a filmmaker native to Louisville KY. I started MoveFast Media(formally Shaughn Tillman Films) about 4 years ago when my wife and I were expecting our first baby. I was your ordinary overweight dude, who had never really been active outside of the Family YMCA co-ed soccer games my parents put me in growing up. Then, I had a baby on the way, and I suddenly needed to be strong for my kid. I needed to be fast. I needed to be a father who could run around with him and not get winded after 30 seconds of playing in the yard. I was determined to change. So, I started this thing called Crossfit.

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From there on out it’s pretty much the typical “Crossfit changed my life” story. But it’s true: Crossfit changed my life. In addition to getting fitter and stronger and healthier, I found that the Crossfit community is very special.  The people that you suffer with everyday become family. These people want to see you succeed. I met people with amazing stories, who had overcome feats of great hardship and I fell in love with their stories and felt compelled to tell those stories. 10835216_10154101856644893_8904767312893769115_o

I am a storyteller. I want people to hear these stories and to be inspired to be fitter and stronger and healthier too. So, the first story I told was of a VERY inspirational woman from my gym named Lindy Barber. Lindy had broken her back. Doctors told her she wouldn’t play sports ever again, but she was determined to overcome her prognosis, AND SHE DID! She has been to the Crossfit games for the past 3 years as an individual and is currently going team this year(2016) on Team Mayhem Freedom with The Champ. Rich Froning. Check out the video here. After filming her story, I realized that THIS was my passion; to inspire others with the gift God gave me: telling stories through filmmaking.

I love telling all kinds of interesting stories, not just those of athletes. Businesses have stories too! Every business or product starts with an idea. It has a story. That is a very powerful tool for the product or service you are selling. By sharing that story you can connect with more people. That is what MoveFast Media is all about, connecting people through the power of story telling.


Whatever your film or photographic needs may be, we want to tell people your inspiring story. Contact us! We’d love to get to know you!




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